Grid Component Advanced Search Feature Pack

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The 'Advanced Search' Feature pack for the Grid component allows you to:

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In addition, the 'Advanced Search' Feature pack also allows you to:

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When you create an embedded, free-form search, you have two options:

The image below shows the search part embedded in the grid, below the grid titles. The 'filter' icon in the title bar is used to show/hide the embedded search part.



The image below shows an embedded search part. The Grid shows a free-form search layout with free-form search regions in each column. Note that the free-form search regions above the Company and Bill City columns were not filled with any search fields. Note also that the row selector column has two icons to run the search and clear the search. You can turn off the search and clear search icons in the row selector. In this case, you would probably want the put Search and Clear Search buttons in one or more of the free-form search regions.

Note: If the search controls are defined to auto-submit the search part when a value is entered into the search field, you will not need a 'Search' button in your free-form search regions, but you will still need a 'Clear Search' button.

Note: A search control can be defined to auto-submit the search part when it is changed by putting this Javascript in its onChange event:



The image below shows an embedded Search Part. The Grid has a single free-form search layout (as opposed to a free-form layout in each column, as shown in the previous image).


Custom Sort Expression

This feature allows you to define custom sort orders which the user can select from the 'Sort Order' dropdown box in the Search Part.

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To use this feature, check the smart field button for the 'Custom sort expressions' property. (This property will only show if the Advanced Search Feature Pack is installed).



The following dialog will then appear: